We help both public and private organizations navigate the Metaverse.  We specialize in Metaverse benchmarking, training and roadmap development, helping you to understand what the Metaverse means, both for you and your customers, where it's going, how it might evolve over time, and how you and your organization can benefit.

Our services include:


  • Metaverse maturity benchmarking - compare your organization's Metaverse Readiness Level against current best practice and other organizations in your industry.

  • Metaverse awareness training - help your employees understand how the Metaverse might impact your organization, what opportunities it might hold, and where it might take your business.

  • Metaverse roadmap development - identify your Metaverse objectives and create short, medium and long-term plans to help realize them.

  • Metaworld creation - ideate and define the look, feel and content of your organization's Metaworld and associated offerings including visitor interaction, socialization, gamification, and monetization.

For more information, or to book an initial consultation, please contact our team at: support@themetabite.com