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La Roja in the Metaverse

Here at we’re celebrating the Selección Española de Fútbol Femenina’s World Cup 2023 success with a look at what a La Roja themed Metaverse might look like. For those of you not aware, the Spain women's national football team won their first World Cup title on Sunday, defeating England 1–0, thanks to a goal scored by number seven Olga Carmona García Carmona.

Let’s start with what regions we might encounter on a La Roja-themed Metaverse. Well, there’s the Women's World Cup Zone for starters, where fans can re-live the La Rojas journey to World Cup victory, including their comprehensive 5-1 last sixteen win over Switzerland, their quart-final win over the Netherlands and their 2-1 semi-final victory over Sweden. Fans will be able to view the game from any angle, in real-time, even running alongside Carmona as she drives home the eight-ninth minute winner.

There’s also the final against England’s Lionesses itself, where fans will be able to follow every hundred and four minutes of the pulsating game in its entirety, re-created in a hyper-realistic, immersive, virtual world, that allows you to re-watch and re-examine every key moment, including Lauren Hemp’s sixteenth minute attempt on goal, which was came off the crossbar, Keira Walsh sixty-ninth minute accidental handball, and the lengthy VAR (video assistant referee) review which followed, and Carmona’s tight-angled, twenty-ninth minute winner.

Then there’s the UEFA Women's Nations League A Zone, which allows fans to interact with the inaugural season of the international football competition involving the 16 top-ranked UEFA members. League A will culminate with the Nations League Finals in February 2024 and the results will be used to determine the leagues for the UEFA Women's Euro 2025 qualifying competition.

Away from the present day, there are zones dedicated to the history of the women’s game, including the establishment of the Women's Football Association (WFA) in 1969 and the Fédération Internationale Européenne de Football Féminine (FIEFF) European Cup.

Then there are manager-flavoured zones dedicated to the team’s successes under each of Spain’s managers. There’s the Muga Zone, focused on the team’s achievements of Rafael Muga, who was responsible for creating the women's national football team. There’s the Nieto Zone, which highlights the team’s success under Teodoro Nieto’s tenure, including La Rojas first official match in the 1987 European Championship's qualification and their win over Switzerland. Then there’s the Quereda Zone, which includes the team’s qualification for the 1995 UEFA Women's Championship and their biggest ever win, a 17-0 drubbing of Slovenia in 1994. Following Ignacio Quereda, we then end up at the present day and the Vilda Zone, Jorge Vilda tenure to date, UEFA Women's Euro 2017 qualification, UEFA Women's Euro 2022 qualification, and Spain’s World Cup 2023 success.

The La Rojas Metaverse will enhance the fan-athlete relationship, allow fans to interact with the players and watch special interviews, to develop and trade land in the La Rojas home region or planet, to buy and sell non-fungible tokens (NFTs), including La Rojas trading cards, portraits, and virtual boots and footballs (with real-life representations), to visit stadiums, both virtual and physical, and the earn enrolment in Spain’s Women’s masterclasses, delivered by World Cup 2023 winners. It will also allow fans to earn currency that they can exchange for limited edition merchandise. Moneda Roja anyone? sends its congratulations to the entire team.

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