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China Metaverse Week kick's off in Shanghai!

China Metaverse Week kicks off in Shanghai today. Hosted by CC Global, a professional cryptocurrency service-oriented multinational company and host of previous events on Blockchain, the internet of things (IoT), non-fungible tokens (NFTs), decentralised finance (DeFi), and the Metaverse, the curiously titled China Metaverse Week runs across two days and covers both the Metaverse Digital Marketing Summit on the 20th of May and the China Metaverse Conference on the 21st of May.

Themes for this year’s conference include Web 3.0 / The Metaverse, NFT’s, GameFi - play-to-earn blockchain games – avatars / digital identity, AR/VR/3D, and immersive / gamification marketing strategies. Conference topics will include: viral virtual human and virtual digital space marketing; NFT digital collection; IP operation; and immersive gamification experience design.

This year’s event is expected to cover over 10 countries and is anticipated to bring together over 100 speakers and over 50 Metaverse innovation cases. Exhibitors and speakers at the event include both home and international Metaverse brands and professionals, providing insight into major Metaverse digital marketing industry trends and “how brands can link to the new Metaverse digital space”.

Titles of forums and sub-forums across the two days include: Marketing Revolution Under the Awakening of Metaverse; Avatars – The Messenger Connecting the Metaverse and Reality; NFT – New Code for Pioneering Brand Marketing; Game Interaction and Immersive Design; Metaverse, the New Era of Web3; GameFi Metaverse; and Mixed Reality and Virtual Worlds.

China Metaverse Week also includes the MetaUp Awards Ceremony, celebrating and honouring Metaverse brands and professionals across the following categories: 10 Top Metaverse Marketing Industry Case Awards; 10 Top GameFi Awards; 10 Top NFT Platform Award; 2022 Metaverse Marketing Innovation Award; 2022 Most Valuable Innovation Award; Most Popular GameFi Metaverse Award; Avatars New Talent Award; Most Valuable NFT Platform Award; Outstanding Metaverse Marketing Solution Award; and Metaverse Marketing Influential Brand Award.

We’ll be back on Monday with a recap, where we’ll highlight some of our favourite speakers and use cases, and we’ll report on who took home top honours at the MetaUp Awards Ceremony.

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Freeman Zhou/Unsplash

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