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In pursuit of the Metaverse at Web Summit 2022: Part 2 is back at Web Summit 2022! Regarded by Forbes as “The best technology conference on the planet”, Web Summit is yet again bringing together over 70,000 people from across the tech industry to Lisbon’s Altice Arena. This year’s Web Summit, which ran from the 1st to the 4th of November, has now closed, and we’re providing a round-up of the Metaverse highlights coming out of Lisbon.

We’ve walked up and down the Altice Arena’s five massive pavilions, navigating this year’s huge 70,000-strong crowds, so you don’t have to, seeking out the most interesting Metaverse ALPHA and BETA start-up companies.

Top of our list of standout Metaverse start-ups at this year’s conference is the hugely impressive META.RS. We spoke to Chief Growth Officer and Co-founder Clement Foucher about how the META.RS team is creating and managing 3D NFTs and content for luxury fashion brands, and creating richer, more engaging experiences for customers, including enhanced reward programmes and Pokémon GO-style augmented reality collection games.

Sharing first place is Decimated, a post-apocalyptic survival game with AAA graphics set in a persistent 256 square kilometre online world. Inspired by the Arma series of first-person tactical military shooters developed by Czech studio Bohemia Interactive, Decimated challenges players to survive a grim cyberpunk world by search for food, water, and in some cases, oxygen, and acquiring resources and technology with which to repair vehicles, build bases, fortify their shelters, hunt, raid, loot and trade.

We spoke to CEO, Creative Director, and seasoned game developer, Stephen Arnold about the game and were hugely impressed by the look, feel and utility of the game, including the Decimated (DIO) token, which players can earn and trade. Players can choose to adopt the role of a Hacker, Medic, Mercenary, Marauder, Mechanic, Cyborg Cop, Sniper, or Bounty Hunter, and are free to explore a range of environments including crumbling cities, deserts, abandoned areas, and caves. You can learn about game in the Decimated Whitepaper.

Honourable mentions go to the intriguing NYX Soulmate and MetaPals. NYX Soulmate seeks to connect people in the Metaverse based on their personal traits and characteristics, rather than their location. Based on scientific psychometric instruments such as the Myer-Briggs Type Indicator, traits can then be saved as a Soul NFT, a personalised digital representation of your personality. NYX Soulmate claim that Soul NFTs are unique, with the chance of two Souls being the same being seven quintillion to one.

MetaPals is a browser extension that allows users to interact and grow virtual pets directly from their web browser windows. Pets can be trained, interact with elements of a webpage, and play page-specific minigames with their owners.

Other Metaverse start-ups at this years’ Web Summit included the highly engaging team at virtual reality training company Beyond Words, the virtual-real-world hybrid game Katchit, that allows brands to enter in the real-world metaverse, and Metadventure, whos’ unique avatars allow users to teleport and explore across two-dimensional Metaverses.

We also caught up on a number of Metaverse-centric talks include: Building a real metaverse, by Herman Narula, Co-founder and CEO at Metaverse technology company Improbable; Metaverse for all, with Voicev’s Salah Zalatimo, Hour One’s Natalie Monboit and NortonLifeLock’s Darren Shou; NFT’s, metaverses and the road to Web3 Disney, with Yuga Labs Nicole Muniz; and The metaverse and the future of the internet, with Meta’s Naomi Gliet.

We had a great time in Lisbon and are already registered for next year’s event!Please leave a comment below!

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