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Invesco Metaverse Fund raises $30 million

American independent investment management company Invesco Ltd. has recently launched a new fund that is dedicated to Metaverse-related stocks and shares.

Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia and operating in over twenty-six countries, Invesco manages assets with a total market value of over $1.3 trillion. Formerly launched on the 22nd of August, the Invesco Metaverse Fund is looking to capitalize on the Metaverse by investing in large, medium and small Metaverse-oriented organizations based in the U.S., Asia, Japan, and Europe.

In announcing the Invesco Metaverse Fund, Invesco fund manager Tony Roberts, citing a report by international professional services company PricewaterhouseCoopers that estimates that virtual and augmented reality have the potential to add $1.5 trillion to the global economy by 2030 said that: “While the metaverse’s applications to entertainment are increasingly well-understood, the interconnectivity that it enables will likely have a transformative impact across industries as diverse as healthcare, logistics, education and sport.”

The Invesco Metaverse Fund has a size of approximately $30 million and will invest in projects across the following seven “distinct and interrelated sectors that help facilitate, create, or benefit from the growth of immersive virtual worlds”: next-generation computer and operating systems; hardware and devices that provide access to the metaverse, e.g., virtual reality (VR) headsets and smart glasses; connectivity networks; immersive platforms developed using artificial intelligence; blockchain; interchange tools for interoperability; and services and assets that facilitate the digitization of the economy.

Invesco joins a number of Metaverse-related funds that have assembled a broad portfolio of Metaverse-related investments into a single asset. These include: the Roundhill Ball Metaverse exchange-traded-fund (ETF), the first metaverse ETF to launch in the US, which comprises a portfolio of 40 hardware, virtual platform, content, and payment infrastructure businesses across the US (80%) and Asia (20%); the Evolve Metaverse ETF, the first metaverse ETF to launch in Canada, which comprises a portfolio of 25 stocks, 74% belong to the US, while the remaining 24% is made up of companies in China, Japan, Taiwan and Singapore; and the Subversive Metaverse ETF, which comprises a portfolio of companies across seven areas: experience; discovery; creator economy; spatial computing; decentralization; human interface; and infrastructure.

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Azin Javadzadeh/Unsplash

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