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Welcome to our 100th Post

Today we’re celebrating our 100th post on all things Metaverse. To commemorate this milestone we’ve collated twenty-six of’s previously published and unpublished articles into a single Metaverse A to Z.

Like the internet, or Web 2.0, before it, the Metaverse will impact every aspect of our lives, from how we work, to how we play, and how we relax. While a fully-realized Metaverse doesn’t yet exist, the foundations to a persistent, hyper-realistic, immersive, virtual world, that is indistinguishable from the real world, are currently being laid down by organizations all over the world.

The Metaverse A to Z provides insight into how the Metaverse is impacting different industries around the world, from Advertising to Zookeeping. To get hold of your copy, email today!

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