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Welcome to … the Marvelverse!

Today we celebrate the release of Thor: Love and Thunder, the 29th film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), the American media franchise and shared universe based on characters that appear in the stories published by Marvel Comics. We’re dedicating today’s post to imagining what a virtual, planet-scale world, dedicated to all things Thor might look like. So, what might a Thor-centric “Marvelverse” have in store for us?

We’ve previously speculated about how the behemoth that is the MCU might enter the Metaverse and maximise the value of its intellectual property with virtual experiences. But let’s focus on today’s titular hero. As of today, there have been four standalone film outings for Thor in the MCU, and together they provide a good foundation to our “Marvelverse”. In 2011’s Thor, we’re introduced to the Nine Realms, based on the nine worlds of Norse mythology, and each one of which could provide a virtual, planet-sized world for future Metaverse explorers to enjoy!

We’ll skip Midgard (or, Earth) and start with Asgard, a small, flat, beautiful world that was home to the Asgardians, until it was destroyed in 2017’s Thor: Ragnarok. As palatial home of the Norse gods, we see Asgard as the perfect virtual spa-like retreat for those of you looking to unwind and relax in a world of magic and lore. Notably, Asgard is home to the Bifrost Bridge, which we imagine as a portal that can provide visitors with instant access to the rest of the Nine Realms.

Next we have Jotunheim, an icy planet that is home to frost giants. Jotunheim would provide the perfect location for some extreme esports action, perhaps involving some mix of downhill racing and giant slaying. After Jotunheim we have Svartalfheim, home to the Dark Elves, a critically endangered species obsessed with darkness. With this in mind, we’re tempted to designate Svartalfheim as a virtual conservation world, dedicated to cataloguing and preserving the memory of all extinct species, including perhaps the Dark Elves themselves.

Next up, Vanaheim. As a densely wooded world, we think Vanaheim would be a great place for a virtual camping trip. What if you fancy a spot of white-water rafting? Or some star-gazing? Vanaheim might be the place for you. Nidavellir is next on the list. Nidavellir is homes to the Dwarves and comprises a neutron star orbited by a multi-ringed artificial astronomical megastructure. As a forgeworld, Nidavellir would provide the perfect backdrop for visitors to the “Marvelverse” to buy, sell, trade, craft or mint, new digital MCU-related assets.

Niflheim, home to Thor’s banished sister Hela, also serves as a home for the dead. Niflheim may provide the perfect place for those seeking some solitude and reflection, or a place to meet up with long-lost relatives, who have uploaded a digital record of themselves, allowing their children or distant relatives to interact with them after their death. Second to last, we have Muspelheim, a fiery, volcanic world. Muspelheim would provide a great setting for a National Geographic / Discovery Channel-esque educational world for amateur vulcanologists and explorers alike. Last, we have Alfheim, a world of enchanted forests, candy vegetation, rivers and springs of wine, and beautiful gardens. We’re very tempted here at to designate Alfheim as a virtual world of debauchery and excess, a place you can come to really unwind, or to live out your wildest virtual fantasies.

Asgard, Midgard, and Svartalfheim are all depicted in 2013’s Thor: The Dark World, and 2017’s Thor: Ragnarok introduces the worlds of Niflheim and Muspelheim. But Thor: Ragnarok also treats us to the artificial trash planet of Sakaar. Here at we loved Jeff Goldblum’s portrayal of Sakaar’s ruler, The Grandmaster, and can imagine this as a battle royale-type world where people can engage in one-on-one virtual combat, team-based games, or even pit virtual creatures against one another, Pokemon-style.

We’re yet to see Thor: Love and Thunder, but we’re convinced it will provide inspiration for additional virtual worlds for us to explore in the Metaverse.

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Manuel Salinas/Unsplash

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